The Tools of the Trade

FOR MOST OF US, THE DISCUSSION OF ADVANCED ILLNESS ranges from being mildly uncomfortable to frightening. It’s no wonder that most of us put off such a discussion “for another day.” Advance Care Planning and the Advance Directives This post is intended to inform, to reassure and demystify the most useful tools of the trade.  If I can help you … Read More

Who Will Speak for Me?

Q: Who Will Speak for Me When I Lose My Voice? (Or My Mind?) A: Your Healthcare Agent   AT SOME POINT DURING ADVANCED ILLNESS, eight out of ten of us will not be physically or mentally able to make decisions about our care. This is when the Attending Physician will turn to our Healthcare Agent or next of kin, … Read More

Why A Pledge? Why Now?

  PERHAPS YOU’VE ALREADY MADE PEACE WITH DYING… Perhaps you’ve already chosen a Healthcare ‘Agent’, and have had The Conversation with them… If so, then well done — But then this Pledge is not for you. It’s for others who are coming on the road behind you. This Pledge is for people who recognize their mortality, but are still coming … Read More