Longevity and Quality of Life

  “We are the beneficiaries and victims of scientific success. Serious, chronic illness is an invention of the late 20th century, the fruit of our species’ intellectual prowess, the culmination of scientific progress.”                       – Dr. Ira Byock, The Best Care Possible Most everybody wants to live longer and better. Yet these twin desires naturally diverge at some point for each … Read More

It’s Time to Talk

“The last thing my mom would have wanted was to force me into such bewildering, painful uncertainty about her life and death… If only we had talked about it. And so, I never want to leave people I love with that uneasy and bewildered feeling about my own wishes. It’s time for us to talk.” -Ellen Goodman, The Conversation Project … Read More

Advanced Care in Real Time

“I realize how difficult it is to anticipate and prepare for all possible scenarios. I pledge to trust myself, my healthcare agent, and my doctors to confer and make joint decisions in “real time” that most faithfully represent my wishes.”         – From The Pledge All Advanced Care Planning (or the lack of it) eventually takes place … Read More