When Few Options Remain (Continued…)

  Even a year before she died, Tasha was biding her time. Three dialysis treatments a week kept death at bay, while imaginary thinking fostered hope that she would someday walk again. Tasha struggled to accept Nursing Home life and the daily ordeal of Hoyer lifts and wheelchair transfers as the devil’s bargain. During our daily phone conversations, she vented … Read More

When Few Options Remain

  Robert was thrown from his metal ladder as 60,000 volts of electricity surged through him. He had been asked to cover for the warehouse foreman that humid morning, and to reboot the plant’s faulty electrical system. His heart likely stopped before he hit the ground, never to beat again. They reached his wife, Tasha, at home. She was stoic … Read More

To Care for Them Who Have Borne the Battle

  Lee Richmond was a well-loved and retired college professor of American history. His champion and perennial source of inspiration was Abraham Lincoln. While Lee and his family gradually resigned themselves to hospice care, Lee continued to draw strength and purpose from the immortal closing of Lincoln’s second inaugural address: With malice toward none; with charity for all; with firmness … Read More