Crossing Abbey Road

When we are no longer able to change the situation, we are challenged to change ourselves.     —Victor Frankel, Man’s Search for Meaning Malcolm was sitting up in bed, his hospital door ajar. He had on headphones, and his slender body kept time to the music. The window shade was raised, letting the afternoon sun flood the room. He … Read More

Peeking Through the Veil

  For at least 2,500 years, religious teachers, prophets, and mystics have spoken about a veil between the world of the living and the dead. It’s said that the veil is particularly thin as death approaches. While words can point to it, experiencing it is another matter, and one not easily forgotten. Many of us have already brushed against it. … Read More

Self-Reflection: Conversations with Oneself

  There are times when the best person to talk with is the one in the mirror. At a deep level, if we’re willing to be honest with ourselves and to ask for guidance, I believe that we can intuit exactly what we’re up against, even in the face of great uncertainty. Then our innate wisdom can point the way. … Read More

Lessons from The Voluntary Suspension of Eating and Drinking (VSED)

  WHEN ADVANCED ILLNESS BECOMES A RELENTLESS MEDICAL BATTLE, more patients – exhausted by the process and ready to surrender, are asking, “what can you give me to help me die?” Useful replies: “Help me understand what you’re going through, that’s led you to want to die?” “We’ll do everything we can to address and ease your suffering.” “If you’re … Read More