A Pivotal Moment

  There’s been an important development in planning for the end-of-life. In October 2021, three preeminent leaders in the Palliative Care field:  Sean Morrison, MD; Diane E. Meier, MD; and Robert M. Arnold, MD, boldly questioned the relevance of Advanced Care Planning (ACP) and the Advance Directive. In their opinion piece entitled, “What’s Wrong with Advance Care Planning?”, these doctors, whose medical … Read More

What’s Palliative Care?

  “The essential principle of Palliative Care is that each human life has value and meaning…We do our work by learning about the unique hopes and fears of the person in front of us… And then do all we can to be present, to listen, to provide support and to relieve suffering whenever possible.” – Dr. Diane Meier, Founder and … Read More