“What’s Healthcare Literacy?”

  Our Greatest Adversary Why are most of us surprised by advancing illness and our inevitable decline when we have years to prepare? Truth is, most of us are under the illusion that it’s too early, and perhaps too morbid, to talk about our closing chapters. I think what we’re up against – perhaps our greatest adversary, is a stubborn, … Read More

Wouldn’t You Rather Have a Say?

  WHEN IT COMES TO HOW WE DIE, there are only two ways to go, either fast or slow. Statistics have it that 85% of us will die slowly, and if we choose to, can have a say in how and where we die. To recognize and embrace this truth is straightforward. Wouldn’t you rather have a say? In last … Read More

Dad’s Final Wish: To Die at Home

  SIPPING A COLD GINGER ALE AT HOME IN HIS EASY CHAIR, dad was fond of saying, “I love this place… The only way I’m leaving here is in a box.” To his credit, this was his way of talking about end-of-life and letting us know what mattered to him. Not counting his calls to 911, each requiring a “fireman’s … Read More

“I’m Not Ready for Hospice… Am I?”

  IT’S OKAY IF YOU’RE NOT READY FOR HOSPICE. It’s also okay to learn about it. At its best, hospice is not a place, but a way of seeing and valuing life that supports and champions a self-directed end. The heart of hospice embodies compassion and acceptance. It’s designed to acknowledge and support all aspects of being human: our physical, … Read More

An Intermission…

  IT’S TIME FOR A SHORT BREAK TO CATCH OUR BREATH… Through the power of imagination, perhaps a ‘Field trip to Hawaii’ can happen in the comfort of your own easy chair. Aloha! This isn’t easy territory or subject matter. There’s some heavy lifting here, and if you’ve made it this far, I admire your fortitude and commend you for … Read More